The GOLF-X-CUBE for golf training consists of a very resistand polyamide with glasballs reinforcement
This material is very resistant and the colors are UV-protected. But still please don’t hit the GOLF-X-CUBE with the golf club! And put the GOLF-X-CUBE away when you are not using it. If you forget it, the next golfer will be only so glad ;-)


golfxcube top 200


If you see the yellow side only, you are looking on the bottom. Turn the cube to see the green lid on the top, please!

No golf ball should be placed on the GOLF-X-CUBE. The Cube sould be placed under your eyes. The ball placed aprox. 20 inch in the front of the CUBE on the normal ball position.



The GOLF-X-CUBE is properly positioned when the X-CUBE is directly below the eyes when you are addressing the ball and the yellow sides cannot be seen from above. (This is true when using irons). For all strokes with woods and drivers where you are supposed to be behind the golf ball, the GOLF-X-CUBE is placed further forward in the stance. But more on this in the operating manual.

IMG 3528 200x133

The GOLF-X-CUBE has a dark-green cover and a neon-yellow body with two flat sides each that point left and right and two V-shaped sides that point forward, away from the body, or toward the body. The brand name was intentionally not stamped on the cover in different-colored letters so as not to disturb function. When you’re looking at your ball and are making a wind-up motion, the yellow side is more conspicuous even if you are not even looking at the GOLF-X-CUBE. A colorful inscription on the cover would affect your perception and of course we want your training with the GOLF-X-CUBE™ to be as efficient as possible.

Driving range training: There is a hole at the bottom where you can fix a wooden tee to be inserted the GOLF-C-CUBE™ into the grass. Standard wooden tees always fit. The hole tapers inward so that the tee is held tight when you rotate it slightly and push it in. The tee will then be firmly in place and have a sufficient hold.

IMG 3868 web 200 Below the patent registration number there is another production number on the bottom that is a serial number. If you register with us, you can enter the number and if the GOLF-X-CUBE should go missing and turn up again, then the number can be used to determine the actual owner.

In addition, a written operating manual in several languages is included in the packaging that you can put in your golf bag and a DVD that shows how to train with the GOLF-X-CUBE. The DVD is in German and also has commentary and text in English. If the DVD starts by itself, it will first begin with the German version and after about 8 minutes the second English version will follow. If you want to start with English right away, the English version can be directly selected through a menu.


Improved and expanded videos will be offered on our website from time to time, or on Youtube (select GOLFXCUBECOM).

Have fun with your training and thanks a lot for your interest.