Minimize the risk of injury..

You can dramatically reduce your risk of injury!

When you train with GOLF-X-CUBE, your body learns to rotate the shoulders along the axis of the spine. This means that you won’t risk any excessive sideways stress on your spinal column.

Most damage to discs is caused by this very type of sideways motion of the spinal axis. During a backswing and through-swing, large forces are unleashed that substantially affect the disc. Many golfers take pain medication for their back problems. The thought is that “If I can’t play golf anymore at all, what do I have left?!”

Therefore we advise having a balanced swing that can be simply developed with GOLF-X-CUBE.

If you rotate your shoulders around the axis of the spine then you

have the best chance of enjoying your favorite sport to an advanced age.


We have developed an exercise that will help you – with a few minutes of training two or three times a week - to strengthen those muscles that provide more power for rotation and also reduce the risk of injury.

Put the GOLF-X-CUBE in front of you on your training mat. It can also be a soft carpet. Sit on the floor with your buttocks against your heels. Now go forward and stand on your knees, slightly bent.

Put the GOLF-X-CUBE in front of you as you would do on the golf course and extend the arms to the side and then angle them upward so your hands point to the sky. In this position, start to rotate the shoulders into a wind-up position, that is, bring your shoulders below the chin. And then in the other direction.

To start, you will do this exercise 15 times in each direction. It’s strenuous! Then you can increase this a little week by week. After 4-6 weeks, you will already see results and you will see that the wind-up motion is easier for you when playing golf and you will have more power.