Golfing when you’re older

Most golfers do not start playing golf until they are in their 50s - Can you really still get a true handicap?

First of all, it is harder for a golfer to rotate his body as he gets older. Rotation speed is also lower. A good, balanced swing is all the more important.

The GOLF-X-CUBE shows you how a balanced swing should feel. Golf is fun at any level of play. But the priority is clearly in the consistency of the strokes. Hitting more accurately and playing straighter - let the young guys look around in the rough for their badly hit balls!

Becoming a single handicapper is not a simple thing and means

spending a lot of time on the golf course and driving range. But if you don’t train effectively, then it won’t work on the golf course. Take a quiet moment to read the instruction manual on our website, or simply have a look at some of our videos. This will show you how to use the GOLF-X-CUBE successfully!


With GOLF-X-CUBE, you will avoid hitting balls randomly. Without any complicated setup, GOLF-X-CUBE can be immediately used to check your stroke. You don’t have to mess around with the extensive setup of other training tools and look foolish when the thing doesn’t work again. And if we’re being quite honest - most training tools truly look absurd. That’s why some may be patented but they are never really accepted.

But GOLF-X-CUBE is simple and its function is quickly understood. GOLF-X-CUBE fits easily in your bag! GOLF-X-CUBE is brilliant, simple and cool and makes you smile when you strike the ball. The others will be amazed at your straight shots!

If you’ve bought a GOLF-X-CUBE, then we’d be happy to receive an e-mail about how much success you’re having with GOLF-X-CUBE. Tell us about your successes. And we want to hear about any suggestions.